About Holly:
A Bright Soul Remembered

Holly Given, a vibrant spirit who left an indelible mark on all who knew her, comes alive in the stories that paint her life. At just 26 years old, she embodied the essence of joy, the love of the sea, and the bonds of friendship and family. Her story, though touched by tragedy, serves as an enduring testament to resilience and the power of unity.

Holly Given fishing.

A Shining Star Taken Too Soon

Tragically, Holly's journey was cut short by domestic violence. This heart-wrenching loss deeply impacted not only her family and friends but the entire community that held her in high regard. Holly's radiance was woven into the fabric of the Florida Keys, where she was born and raised – a true "conch" whose spirit was emblematic of the best this place had to offer.

A Legacy of Excellence

Holly's presence extended far beyond her years. Her accolades – from being Coral Shores High School's Homecoming Queen to her distinction as Best Athlete – showcased her dedication and talent. She excelled academically, championed leadership and community service, and cast her net wide as an avid fisherman and a creative soul. But above all, she was a loyal friend, a cherished daughter, and a beloved sister.

Remembering the Light
Holly's laughter and vitality remain etched in our memories. Each sunset over the Florida Bay, each sunrise over Alligator Lighthouse, echoes her spirit. The jump of a Sailfish and the first sip of a margarita are moments where she lives on. She is the embodiment of a life lived without reservations, a life that continues to inspire us.

A photo of Holly Given.