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Coral Shores Softball: Holly Field Dedication

February 19, 4:45 PM

Coral Shores will be making a formal dedication of their softball field next Wednesday, in our home opener against Ferguson High School (5 PM). Here-to-fore, our softball facility will be known as Holly Given-Memorial Field.   Holly was a three-sport standout for four-years at Coral Shores.  Following graduation she moved on to play softball at Western Carolina and then returned to the Keys where she was a very active in a number of local causes. Tragically, she was slain in December of 2017, in a murder-suicide perpetrated by her ex-boyfriend.

Holly was beloved throughout the Upper Keys and her name is now synonymous with domestic-abuse education.  The “Fish for Holly-Sailfish Tournament” has quickly become a favored cause in the Upper Keys.  Coral Shores has been one of the many beneficiaries of the tournament; proceeds have been used to scholarship Coral Shores’ graduates and for underwriting needs in the Coral Shores’ athletic department.

In keeping with SB Policy 7250, Holly Given-Memorial Field will serve as a reminder of Holly’s life and civic contributions while giving (educational) perpetuity to the causes of domestic-abuse education and prevention.

We would be honored to have you join us, and members of Holly’s family, for this very special ceremony.


Thank you to The Upper Keys Foundation

Coral Shores Softball-Field Dedication